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AudioFanzine: Home Studio Gear News, Reviews, Forums, Classifieds A new online magazine for musicians and sound engineers where you can find daily audio and music news: has announced its new online service, the first of its kind to offer music producers and singers a new way to get vocals perfectly pitched. The service consists of a small team of dedicated engineers, all with vast experience in the music industry, having produced, tuned and edited vocals for releases on many labels around the world.

Sound Forge Scripting - Applying Multiple Effects An excerpt from the book: Sound Forge 8 Power!

Garritan Orchestral Libraries is offering a free orchestration course online, using an interactive edition of "Principles of Orchestration" based upon Nicolay Rimsky-Korsakov's text and examples from his own works.

Cutting A Range Of MIDI Notes With Cakewalk How to cut a range of MIDI notes from one track and move them to another track.

Bobtail Software's new Sound System Modeler DirectX Plug-in is a fast and easy method for testing your mix on a wide variety of simulated sound playback systems. See our review!.

Finding Glitches With Sound Forge Fixing audio problems in live recordings after the fact.

Quick Audio Preview in Windows XP How to get Windows XP to load audio files more quickly for previewing.

Avoiding Clicks with Crossfading How to splice two pieces of audio together without getting clicks.

If you're interested in some very fascinating and useful information about Blues Music and its origins, we strongly recommend visiting the PBS network's pages about its 7-part TV series, The Blues.

Easier Cakewalk Editing with the Scroll Lock Key How to edit more easily in Cakewalk while listening to the music.

Automatically Empty the Cakewalk Picture Cache How to set up Windows to empty the Cakewalk Picture Cache automatically.

A new book, Sound Recording Advice by audio and electrical engineer John J. Volanski, is an instruction and reference manual that demystifies home studio recording. Check out our review!

Eman Music in Boston, MA, composes and produces any kind of audio-for-video music for the industry, including Corporate Multimedia, Radio/TV Commercials and CD-ROMs. Quick, affordable, and high quality services have made their studio the top choice of singers, songwriters, producers, and bands in the New England area.

Do the Doppler with Sound Forge How to create a Doppler effect by using Sound Forge.

American Roots Music, the 4-part PBS TV series, reveals fascinating facts about the historical origins of today's pop music. Visit the site to read about the artists, the music, and the music instruments innovations. is the first and largest internet directory of private music teachers and music schools in the U.S. Currently, they represent over 6000 music teachers. A basic listing for a teacher or school is free. Through an interactive zip code locator, students can find a teacher in their area in seconds. Try it!

Find a Music Teacher
Zip Code

The Music Teachers List is an international, searchable database of over 7600 music teachers. Find a teacher for any instrument, location, age, style or skill level. Also, if you're a music teacher, you can be listed for free.

Black Steel Music This new and growing information resource for musicians is focused mainly on the ever-expanding and complex field of music hardware and related information.

A Kwik Tek Tip: Miking A Guitar Amp
Here's a classic trick used by professionals. To quickly find the best mic position for a guitar amp, increase the volume of the amp to maximum without using any signal input. This will amplify the preamp hiss. Then, while using headphones to monitor, move the mic to various positions in front of the amp until the mic picks up the hiss at its most intense level. That will be the best position for the mic.

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Recording Information Resources i-Music Production Guide This database of music industry-related Web information from over 50 countries helps visitors to find everything from legal assistance to session players, and much more.

Analog Tape Recorders Tutorial from UCSC about recording techniques using analog tape.

ASCAP The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

Audio Recording Center Many useful articles and tips for creating high quality recordings, plus music industry info and links, and a newsletter.

Audio Wizard Pro Ear Trainer An interactive software course designed to train musicians, producers, and engineers to hear frequencies and their effects during recording and mixing, and to make it easier to do precision cutting and boosting quickly for improved audio. Many hardware, software, and manufacturer-specific audio forums. This features-based publication offers a wide variety of information and tips from experts about audio, recording, mixing, sound design, engineering and producing.

Avoiding Latency Problems When Recording in A Computer Studio How to hook up a simple computer-based studio with a mixer to provide zero-latency monitoring during recording.

Basics of Digital Recording A UCSC tutorial.

Beginner's Recording Handbook

Berklee Today This online magazine, published by Boston's prestigious Berklee College, an institute for the theory and practice of contemporary pop and jazz music, offers technical articles about composition, arranging and songwriting, and interviews with prominent ex-students and successful songwriters (think Quincy Jones, Melissa Etheridge, and Branford Marsalis).

Better Latent Than Never What is latency? Four instances in digital audio devices and hard disk recording.

Black Steel Music This growing information resource for musicians is primarily focused on the ever-expanding and complex field of music hardware and related information.

BMI Broadcast Music Incorporated. Songwriters take note - BMI has launched Online Song Registration for BMI songwriters, composers and independent music publishers.

Cakewalk Tech Support For Cakewalk users, this page provides a wide variety of publications, FAQs, tips, updates, etc., for getting the most out of the products. Even if you're not a Cakewalk user, take advantage of the thorough MIDI and digital audio primers.

CD Copiers, DVD Copiers, Live Event Recorder, Audio Copiers Copiers that record directly from your mixer or other analog or digital source.

CD-Recordable FAQ Andy McFadden's FAQ on CD-Rs is so comprehensive, it even tells you how they behave when microwaved and tells you why you shouldn't do it. (Why would anyone want to?)

CNET's Hardware Storage Need storage for your next recording project? These CNET pages are a great source of info about storage devices, such as hard drives, cartridge drives, DVD, DVD-RAM, CD-R, CD-RW, etc. They include comparisons, reviews, a buyer's guide, storage auctions, help centers, tips and tricks, and much more.

Computer Music is the UK's biggest-selling music technology magazine - resources for computer musicians across the globe, including advice, tips, reviews of latest gear, news and more.

Copyright Links to wide variety of copyright info.

Copyright Law: Digital Audio Recording Devices and Media Chapter 10 of the Copyright Law Contained in Title 17 of the United States Code.

Copyright Office, U.S. Everything you want to know about U.S. copyright protection.

Copyright Website Site dedicated to copyright info.

Dancetech Hard disk recording, studio recording, useful info for beginners.

DAT-heads Digital Audio Tape info, emphasizing recording and distribution of live music.

DAW Buyers Guide Choosing the right equipment is difficult. This convenient and useful buyers guide to digital audio workstations, disk-based multitracks and tapeless recorders can help you to assess which equipment meets your requirements and budget. You can search a database of over 250 products by application, system type, host platform, audio quality, replay channels, cost range, manufacturer and system name. Take a look, also, at the site's Word of Advice.

Dealing with Computer Audio Latency Find out about latency before you buy the wrong soundcard.

Do You Hear Something? - Eliminating Hums and Buzzes Tips on getting rid of electronic noise in your home studio system.

Doing It Yourself - A Guide to Making Music Recording, marketing, promotion advice.

Dolby Laboratories Inc. Check the "Professional Services: Search our Technical Library" section to find many documents about noise reduction, Dolby Digital, and Surround Sound.

Electronic Musician Online Interactive version of the magazine.

Express Music Services This music production company specializes in music preparation and publishing and produces new arrangements for professional composer/arranger/orchestrators worldwide. The site also includes a discussion area for professionals and students.

FAQ About Surround Sound Mostly about the production of surround sound - from Surround Associates. Articles, glossaries, and other resources about designing sound for film.

4-track Recording Tips Info about 4-track home recording.

Funk Keys Sales of used electronic music instruments. European specialist in vintage analog synths, drumboxes, samplers, etc. Gear list with prices and photos updated daily.

Funky Junk France France's largest pro audio new and used equipment distributor. Large selection of used studio gear and synths - price lists updated everyday.

Get A Mentor Industry professionals provide on-the-job, one-on-one training in radio/TV, recording, video, film, and other specialized fields throughout the U.S., Canada and other countries. Check out the full details of how it works.

Guide to Master Tape Preparation From Disc Makers, a downloadable PDF guide for getting the most out of the recording and mixing process, avoiding costly mistakes, and preparing your master tape for error-free audio manufacturing.

Guitar Notes This site is a convenient one-stop reference for all kinds of info about guitars and guitar playing. Home and project studio recording tips. Created by professional sound engineers and producers, this site is dedicated to up-to-date advice and guidance regarding home studio recording, and offers many tips on what equipment to buy, how to set up your equipment, how to acoustically treat a room to get the best monitoring environment, and much more.

Identifying and Solving Instability Problems Using utilities and diagnostic tests to help resolve PC instability problems.

Identifying and Solving PC MIDI and Audio Timing Problems Some of the most common causes and symptoms of timing problems and how to eliminate them.

International Songwriters Association News, contests, FAQ, and lots of other info useful to songwriters.

Jeff Mallett's Songwriter Site Lots of info, tips and links about songwriting, including the business and legal sides. is an interactive legal resource run by an entertainment attorney who specializes in copyright, trademark, music and new media. Written with common sense and in plain English, it includes detailed how-to instructions on many thorny issues important to musicians, as well as a question-and-answer board and a music-related forum.

Looper's Delight Info for loop musicians.

Low Latency Background: Buffer and Latency Jitter How latency happens, in theory and in practice.

Low Latency Background: Monitoring, ZLM and ASIO Monitoring problems caused by latency. is a Mac users community site (all reviews, links & resources are fed by Mac users), as well as an information and resource data base. News, articles, forums, etc.

Making Connections A UCSC tutorial about fundamentals for connecting studio devices correctly. Reviews, recommendations, opinions, and facts about microphones and related equipment. Practical, hands-on advice from a musician.

Microphones Basic info from UCSC about microphones and placement techniques.

Mid-Ocean School of Media Arts A registered private vocational school in Canada offering audio production training, whether for a career or for learning how to record your own music. Curriculum includes a six-month full-time diploma program, as well as part-time courses.

Mix Magazine Online Commercial and project studio recording info.

Mixers Tutorial from UCSC about mixers.

mLAN Central Information about mLAN (music Local Area Network), a Firewire-based protocol for high-speed transmission and control of multiple channels of audio and ports of MIDI over a network.

The Moog Synthesizer Tutorial from UCSC about using the Moog synthesizer.

The Muse's Muse Songwriting tips and tools, classifieds, links, articles, interviews, reviews, chat, songwriting association listings, songwriter spotlights, copyright and publishing info, and more.

Music & Audio Connection Recording Forum Message board, forums. is a news website by musicians for musicians. Find information about new CD releases, artists, bands, sheet music, music theory, articles, etc.

Open Audio Hardware Guide From Cakewalk, a guide which allows you to quickly compare the features of a number of different audio cards. Includes a glossary of terms used in the guide. is a PC users community site for audio professionals, as well as an information and resource data base. News, articles, forums, etc.

Professional MIDI Guide From Hinton Instruments, the professional application of MIDI. Also, see MIDI Protocol Guide for MIDI messages, MIDI controller numbers, system exclusive structure, and MIDI manufacturers' ID numbers (USA, Europe, Japan).

ProRec Staffed by more than a dozen top audio engineers and producers, this constantly updated site provides cutting edge information for pro, semi-pro, and amateur recordists who rely on PC-based digital audio workstations. News, forums, classifieds, and lots of excellent articles about recording and all of the technology associated with it.

Recording Connection Through a large worldwide network, this well-known school provides on-the-job training and job placement for aspiring music/video producers and recording engineers. If you're serious about a career in the business, check it out.

Recording Microphones Information Detailed Information about the types and uses of recording microphones.

The Recording Website Many useful articles about home and studio recording - PC recording, 4-track, effects, beginner's buying guide, drums, EQ, FAQ, glossary, studio guidelines, mixing, and much more.

Scott Holderman's Studio Maintenance Page Studio gear maintenance FAQs and articles.

Signal2Noise On-line journal of research and opinion for the professional audio community. No longer updated.

Signal Processors Basic info from UCSC about signal processors.

SMPTE and Video Tutorial from UCSC about linking sound and images.

Songwriters Directory This new site aims "to become the best and most comprehensive data base of Songwriters and Songwriter Resources on the Internet." Lots of info - songwriter listings, news, announcements, showcases, links, contests, and more.

The Sonic Spot The aim of this site is to provide a single place for electronic musicians and audio enthusiasts to learn about and discuss everything there is to know about music and audio on the PC.

Sonic State Classifieds, forums and a professionals directory - but, especially, lots of info about synths.

Sound Master is a recording engineer school in Los Angeles, established in 1972 by audio engineer Brian Ingoldsby, and which offers small classes, hands-on workshops in professional 24/48-track studios with computerized, automated consoles, and a rigorous curriculum covering all aspects of the recording engineer career.

Sound On Sound Music recording technology magazine, based in England.

Sound Recording Advice, a book by audio and electrical engineer John J. Volanski, is an instruction and reference manual that demystifies home studio recording. Check out our review! Also, browse the site for additional recording info.

StudioFinder Search for a studio by name, location, equipment, price, and/or area of expertise - over 10,000 recording studios listed.

Tangible Technology Center This is the homepage of Eddie Ciletti, whose articles appear frequently in audio recording magazines. It includes a library of digital audio tape machine articles, plus a wide range of multimedia and audio recording topics. Great site for techies and geeks, or for anyone having a problem with digital tape machines.

Tape Op Online home recording magazine focuses on do-it-yourself techniques and lesser-known indie artists.

Tone Depot This site asks guitarists, bassists, and keyboard players to submit their favorite equipment and patch settings with the goal of finding the perfect tone or sound patch. Pro setups, recording tips, etc.

Tuning Tips for Low Latency Operation (Win9x) How to tune Windows 98 to get the lowest latency.

Tuning Windows XP for Audio/Music Applications Configuring and streamlining selected XP features to improve performance with most professional audio and music software.

TweakHeadz Lab Articles and tips on recording techniques from a sound developer and composer who makes samples CDs and highly rated MP3s. Articles, interviews, tips and tricks, videos and more for the recording enthusiast.

UCSC Electronic Music Studios Documents about recording and recording equipment.

The World of Film Music This is a one-stop source of information and resources for and about the film music industry. You name it, it's probably there.

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Recording Articles

Visit our Recording Articles page.

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Online Recording Collaboration

Visit our Indie How-to page.

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Duplication Equipment And Services

All Pro Solutions, Inc. Comprehensive CD and DVD duplication equipment and services covering all needs.

CD Business Cards CD Business Cards, along with CD duplication and DVD duplication services, are provided at 24hr CD Duplication. Quality CD replication and CD manufacturing offered for corporations, music labels, and the software industry.

CD Copiers, DVD Copiers, Live Event Recorder, Audio Copiers Copiers that record directly from your mixer or other analog or digital source.

CD Duplication DiscBurn offers CD/DVD duplication and replication services, whether you need as few as 10, or as many as 10 million or more. Also, disc printing and duplication equipment available for do-it-yourselfers. Fast, professional CD and DVD duplication.

Copycats Media A full-service company for professional CD and DVD duplication.

Crown CD Duplication CD and DVD duplication services, including short-run CD duplication. Also, CD business cards, CD manufacturing, DVD manufacturing. Emphasis on high-quality products and services at a reasonable price.

Disc Wizards UK specialists in CD and DVD Duplication, CD and DVD replication, Audio CD mastering and DVD Authoring, at a low price. Use the online quotation form for an instant quote. A comprehensive CD duplication service for U.S. software and music industries. Services include CDR duplication, audio pre-mastering, graphics (design) and retail-ready packaging.

Discus Group UK-based company offers professional CD and DVD replication and duplication services, plus packaging, and more. Any format to any format.

DVD/CD Duplicators and Systems, 100's To Choose From Provides quality and current listing of affordable CD and DVD duplicators, systems and media at auction now.

The Little Bazaar Professional CD and DVD duplication services, digital audio mastering, design services and media sales for clients across the UK.

Magellan Hardware Distributors of a complete range of CD and DVD copier, duplicator and printer equipment. Also, Magellan Duplication CD/DVD duplication and printing services. Small runs welcome. UK and US.

Mediatechnics Duplication Systems One of the top manufacturers of automated CD and DVD duplication equipment, along with Microboards. Also, various CD and DVD services. Check out their FAQs and other info about CD or DVD production and duplication, and learn about producing CD or DVD projects.

MicroBoards Technology CDR duplicator systems.

Summation Technology Offers CD and DVD Duplicators, Disc Printers and Duplication Supplies.

SuperDuperDisc A full-service CD replication company located in Midtown Manhattan. Pro multimedia programming, custom graphic design and much more. All projects welcome. Browse the impressive list of clients.

Telecopy Inc. Full-service DVD, CD and Video duplication and replication company serving all 50 states.

Triple Disc A CD and DVD manufacturing company dedicated to customer service and to supporting the client from start to finish - CD duplication, DVD replication, short-run duplication, complete printing and packaging options, DVD authoring, digital mastering and graphic design.

The TTH Label An unusual CD duplication service dedicated to making life easier for independent musicians: You can pay up front for CD duplication, and/or you can use The TTH Label service to sell your CD online with no upfront costs at all. The production cost is taken out when you sell a CD. Check the site and its forum for details.

VE Associates, Inc. A full-service media development company specializing in CD and DVD replications.

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Recording Equipment Manufacturers

AKG Acoustics Microphones, headphones, mixers, sound processors, equalizers, and more.

Alesis Digital audio recorders. Many owners manuals available as downloads, plus FAQs and TechNotes.

Allen & Heath Mixing consoles.

Applied Magic, Inc. multimedia products for professionals doing audio for video.

ART Guitar amps, signal processors, and more.

Audio-Technica Microphones, headphones, mixers, phono cartidges, styluses, and more.

Audix Microphones, monitors.

Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics (BLUE) Award-winning, premium-quality microphones.

Behringer Amps, mixers, mics, processors, crossovers.

BSS Audio Signal processors.

Collier Electronics Manufacturer of 2X3PM, a two-channel, three-band parametric EQ/preamp/mixer.

Countryman Associates Inc. Microphones, direct boxes.

Crown Audio Amplifiers, microphones. Lots of useful tips and tech info.

dbx Professional Products Audio processors.

Digigram Maker of VXpocket, an award-winning audio card that allows Mac and PC users to set up their notebook computer as a digital work station.

DigiTech Signal processors, and more.

DOD Electronics Effects pedals, amps, EQs, mixers, and more.

Dolby Laboratories Inc. Noise reduction systems; digital audio and Surround Sound technology.

DSP-FX Realtime effects processing hardware and software.

Echo Digital Audio Multitrack recorders.

Edirol Digital audio capture, MIDI interfaces, audio monitors, sound modules, software synthesizers, video editing, etc.

Elation Studio condenser microphones.

Electro-Voice Microphones, speakers.

Event Electronics, Inc. Audio equipment.

Fostex Audio recording equipment.

Frontier Design Group Professional MIDI and digital audio interfaces for PC.

Furman Power conditioners and studio audio equipment.

Genelec Monitors.

Hafler Award-winning monitor speakers.

HHB Communications CD recorders, tube processors, and other professional recording equipment.

JAMedia Music memory cards manufactured by Delkin Devices Inc and compatible with music gear that has memory card slots.

JBL Professional Monitors, and more.

JLCooper Electronics Synchronizers, MIDI and computer peripherals, and mixing console automation systems.

Joemeek Compressors, mics, preamps and EQs. Makers of the VC6Q British Channel.

Koss Headphones.

Lexicon Digital signal processors, and more.

Line 6 Amps, effects, and more.

Lynx Studio Technology Designer and manufacturer of professional, computer related audio products, such as digital audio interfaces.

Mackie Mixing consoles, professional audio systems.

Manley Laboratories (Langevin) Award-winning, premium-quality mic pre-amps, amps, effects devices, etc.

Marshall Amplifiers.

Metasonix Maker of award-winning effects processors.

Nady Systems Microphones, headphones.

Neumann Microphones.

Peavey Electronics Microphones, mixers, processors, and more.

Pignose Industries Makers of the famous Pignose guitar and bass portable amps.

PreSonus Audio Electronics Award winning mic preamps.

Pro Tone Pedals Budget-priced guitar pedals built one at a time by musicians.

Rane Corporation Audio hardware and software.

Rocktron Amps, preamps, effects, stomp boxes, etc.

Roland U.S. Effects, mixers, harddisk recorders, etc. (For info about Boss products, see

Sage Electronics High-end, hand-crafted microphone preamps, mics and DI boxes.

Samson Amps, mixers, mics, equalizers.

Sennheiser and Sennheiser USA Headphones, microphones.

Shure Brothers Microphones.

SM Pro Audio (Sound & Music International) This new Australian/German company offers a variety of recording equipment, including effects processors, EQ, mixers, amps and pre-amps.

Soundcraft Mixers, monitors, digital interface units, etc.

Stereocilia Studio Monitor Stands Manufacturers of top-of-the-line custom studio monitor stands.

Superscope Technologies Portable CD players and a portable CD recording system designed as music practice, rehearsal and performance tools for music educators, musicians, dancers, and others in the performing arts.

SWR Sound Corporation Amps, and more amps. Also, download text versions of manuals for current and vintage products.

Tascam Digital audio recording equipment.

TC Electronic Effects processors.

Teac Digital audio recording equipment.

TerraSonde Makers of The Audio Toolbox series of acoustic and digital audio analyzers for sound analysis and measurement. Manuals and other product documents available for download.

Universal Audio Maker of vintage audio hardware and DSP software plug-ins for digital audio workstations. Also, UAZINE, a monthly webzine designed to provide Universal Audio customers and potential customers with additional information about UA products and the company behind them.

Yamaha Virtually any kind of professional studio equipment you can think of.

Zoom Effects processors. Download manuals in PDF format.

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