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DJ Info

AnalogX The owner of this well-known site authors some very interesting programs - many of them useful to musicians - and he gives them away for free. Visit frequently to see what's new. DJs and wannabes, for example, might want to download Scratch, which creates the sound of authentic scratching without any hands-on resources by loading two WAV files - one to help keep rhythm, the other to scratch.

Audiotrak [UK] UK distributors of Audiotrak soundcards for DJ-ing and music production. Promotes the Worldwide Beatbox Community - articles, downloads, forums, etc.

BPM Studio UK UK distributors of BPM Studio products, digital MP3 DJ software and controllers.

Camelot Sound This commercial site offers information and an Easymix System for programming DJ mixes harmonically - keys to each song and key compatibility. Their database (updated monthly) contains bpm and key information on over 32,000 songs.

Crate Kings Hip Hop/Rap Beats, Breaks, Samples, and Drum Loops by DJ Semantik. Also, Hip Hop production resources and tools. Lots of info.

DJ Magazine News, articles, reviews, charts, links, gear guide, and more.

DJ Times Magazine for professional DJs - articles, interviews, charts, links, and more. DJ learning and resource center - forums, chat, FAQ, and more.

International DJ This online magazine from the UK offers reviews of DJ equipment and vinyls, DJ interviews, DJ techniques, etc.

The Internet DJ Chat, NYC clubs, music classifieds, links, etc., plus a database of mobile DJs, club DJs, radio DJs, and web DJs from around the world.

Lasers and Lights From, formerly Tomi Engdahl's Electronics Page, a host of useful info about using lasers and lights. Check out the Audio Electronics info, too.

National Broadcasters Training Network An industry-sponsored apprenticeship program that trains people for a career in the broadcast industry.

OtsAV Makers of DJ software and TV/radio automation.

Recess's Dj'ing Hints and Tips DJ-ing advice and help on mixing techniques, equipment, playing live - everything for DJs, from the beginner to the expert. This DJ agency looks for talented UK-based DJs to join its roster and offers direct booking to club promoters. No booking fee; wide range of music styles; online DJ profiles.

Visiosonic Makers of popular software (such as PCDJ) and hardware for professional DJs. Some free downloads.

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DJ Gear Manufacturers

AKG Acoustics Microphones, headphones, mixers, sound processors, equalizers, and more.

American DJ Mixers, turntables, lighting, controllers, cartridges, styli, CD players, DJ systems, accessories, and more.

Audio-Technica Microphones, headphones, mixers, phono cartidges, styli, and more.

Behringer DJ mixers, mics, processors, crossovers.

Chauvet Lighting, audio, accessories.

Fostex Headphones.

Gemini Mixers, turntables, digital samplers, CD players, accessories, and more. Also, Lytequest lighting equipment.

Koss Headphones.

Martin Professional A/S Lighting.

Neumann Microphones.

Numark Mixers, turntables, headphones, microphones, CD players, system packages, accessories.

Pioneer Pro DJ Pro DJ mixers, CD players, effectors.

Rane Corporation DJ mixers, processors, and more.

RED Sound Systems Effects and BPM units for DJs.

Roland U.S. Pro DJ mixers, headphones.

Sennheiser and Sennheiser USA Headphones, microphones.

Shure Brothers Microphones, cartridges, styli, DJ needles.

Stanton Magnetics Mixers, headphones, phono cartridges, styli, turntables, CD players, digital samplers, accessories.

Techni-Lux, Inc. Manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler of a wide range of professional lighting, special effect equipment and expendables for the architectural, audio/visual, motion picture, television, theatrical, theme park, photography, gaming, and concert production industries. Free product catalogs.

Vestax Mixers, CD mixers, turntables, monitoring.

Visiosonic Hardware and software for professional DJs.

Yamaha Headphones and virtually any other kind of professional audio equipment you can think of.


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