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Black Steel Music This new and growing information resource for musicians is focused mainly on the ever-expanding and complex field of music hardware and related information.

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Do-It-Yourself Projects and Resources

DIY MIDI Controllers Using PIC Microcontrollers and Basic Stamps Do-it-yourself MIDI input devices.

How Does The MIDI System Work? From Indiana University, MIDI specifications explained.

John Loadsman's DIY Port-Powered Midi Interfaces for Macintosh and PC Schematics, parts list, etc.

Making a MIDI interface For PC, Mac, and other--articles from Harmony Central.

MIDI Hardware Roman Sowa, MSEE, an independent designer of electronic circuits for music, offers modules for creating DIY MIDI controllers for small and large instruments, keyboards, knob-boxes.

MIDI Hardware Projects Do-it-yourself projects from Hardware Web.

MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) This is the group which maintains the MIDI specification as an open standard. Loads of authoritative general and technical info, including the three components of MIDI: the communications Protocol (language), the Connector (hardware interface) and the distribution format called Standard MIDI Files.

MIDI Wind Controllers FAQ Wide variety of info about wind controllers.

The Rathole This site, maintained by an engineer, offers several interesting DIY MIDI projects (some are free). In particular, check out Harpsitron, Xylotron, Mini MIDI Monitor, and Midispy (a VB5 program which uses Windows API calls to MIDI ports).

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Guitar-related MIDI Hardware

MIDI Guitar All kinds of MIDI guitar info.

Starr Labs Custom and semi-custom MIDI controllers. Maker of the Z-tar, an electronic musical instrument that a guitarist can use via a MIDI cable to play synthesizers and play into samplers, sequencers and computers.

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MIDI/Audio Hardware Information Resources

Open Audio Hardware Guide From Cakewalk, a guide which allows you to quickly compare the features of a number of different audio cards. Includes a glossary of terms used in the guide.

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Manufacturers of MIDI/Audio Hardware

Alesis Audio and MIDI interfaces.

Alternate Mode Home of KAT Percussion MIDI controllers, such as the drumKAT, malletKAT, trapKAT, and dk10.

Apogee Electronics Audio interfaces - Mac only.

Digidesign DAW systems, digital audio interfaces.

Doepfer Wide variety of MIDI-related products and accessories - text in German and English.

Edirol Audio and MIDI interfaces, MIDI controllers, sound modules, and more.

Focusrite Audio/MIDI interfaces.

Frontier Design Group Professional MIDI and digital audio interfaces for PC.

JLCooper Electronics Synchronizers, MIDI and computer peripherals, and mixing console automation systems.

Keyfax Makers of Flat-Boy MIDI controller.

M-Audio MIDI interfaces for PC and Mac, MIDI accessories, MIDI/video synchronizers, digital audio/EQ cards, D/A A/D converters, and more.

Mackie Professional audio and MIDI interfaces, control surfaces.

MIDI Solutions Compact MIDI processing products, plus rackmounts that contain multiple versions of the compact products. No batteries or wall adapters needed--just a MIDI cable. Custom versions available. For professional and amateur musicians alike, these versatile products provide solutions to most MIDI routing problems.

Miditemp MIDI and digital audio players and recorders.

Mark of the Unicorn, Inc. Audio and MIDI interfaces.

PreSonus Audio Electronics Audio and MIDI interfaces.

Starr Labs Custom and semi-custom MIDI controllers. Maker of the Z-tar, an electronic musical instrument that a guitarist can use via a MIDI cable to play synthesizers and play into samplers, sequencers and computers.

Tactex Award-winning MIDI controllers.

TAPCO Audio and MIDI interfaces.

Tascam Audio and MIDI interfaces, control surfaces.

Voyetra Turtle Beach Sound cards, studio kits.

Wave Idea Makers of Bit Stream Pro, a high performance, fully programmable, universal MIDI controller that enables you to control any software or synth which responds to MIDI - standalone or configure for use with PC - many features. Site displays in English, French or Spanish.

Zorin MIDI trigger and controller do-it-yourself kits.

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See our Synthesizers page.

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