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Black Steel Music This new and growing information resource for musicians is focused mainly on the ever-expanding and complex field of music hardware and related information, including effects.

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Effects Hardware

Ampage Tube amps and music electronics, plus schematics.

Analogman Makes, modifies, buys, sells, and repairs vintage and new guitar effects.

Aphex Systems Signal processors, and more.

ART Signal processors, and more.

Backline Engineering Innovative products which use audio recognition technology to adjust loop timing to match your playing, or to sychronize effects to your playing.

BSS Audio Signal processors, manuals downloads, etc. This official Boss interactive site provides every kind of info about Boss gear, including online pedal demos, tech support, a users group and much more.

DigiTech Signal processors, manuals downloads, and more.

Dunlop (Jim Dunlop Manufacturing) Effects electronics and pedals.

Effectrode - Tube Effects Company Professional tube effects pedals for guitar.

Effectronics Includes some schematics.

Eventide Harmonizer effects processors.

Geo-Guitar Effects Includes Tube Amp FAQ, Guitar Effects FAQ, effects schematics and lots of do-it-yourself info.

GP-100 Web Site Unofficial page about Roland's preamp/processor.

Guitar Effects Pedals by Roger Mayer From the inventor of effects for Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, etc.

Korg Effects processors, and more.

Lexicon Digital signal processors.

Metasonix Maker of award-winning effects processors. Seller of vintage effects equipment.

Rocktron Corporation Effects pedals, and much more.

Roland U.S. Effects processors, and much more. (For info about Boss products, see

Sovtek New Sensor Corporation is the manufacturer and distributor for a variety of effects, amps, vacuum tubes, etc. - Sovtek, Electro-Harmonix, Sprague, LCR, CTS, Switchcraft, Duracell, Weller, Eminence, Hammond.

TC Electronic Effects processors; also, manuals for download.

Universal Audio Maker of vintage audio hardware and DSP software plug-ins for digital audio workstations. Also, UAZINE, a monthly webzine designed to provide Universal Audio customers and potential customers with additional information about UA products and the company behind them.

Vodka Mods This unusual company specializes in professionally modified effects pedals. Offerings include pre-modded pedals, mod kits and custom mod services for various effects units.

Zoom Effects pedals, processors, multi-effects consoles, manuals for download.

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Effects Software

ANWIDA Soft Plug-in effects - stand-alone, DirectX and VST for Windows.

BIAS Award-winning software for Macs.

ConcreteFX Makers of Debaser, a new multi-FX VST plug-in. Demo and a freebie version available. Popular audio plug-ins, such as Spectral and Sound designer's pack. Also, check for freeware.

DSP-FX Makers of award-winning realtime effects processing software for Windows. Download a free plug-In.

FXpansion Effects processing software modules and accessories, such as the popular DR-008 Drum Machine.

GuitarFX Software designed to turn your PC into a guitar effects processor.

iZotope, Inc. Makers of Ozone, a complete mastering solution for DirectX audio applications (64-bit analog modeled effects), and other software. Also, check for free downloads.

Kelly Industries Developer of surround sound plug-ins for DirectX, VST, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe Audition, including the highly regarded product, The Panhandler, a family of plug-ins for surround sound encoding and panning.

Ohm Force Designers of VST plug-ins, such as Frohmage, Ohmboyz and Predatohm - Win, Mac, BeOS.

PSP Professional Sound Projects Award-winning VST plug-ins for Mac and PC. Also, download a free VST game (for PC only).

SFX Machine SFX Machine is an award-winning multi-effects plug-in for Mac and PC. SFX Machine RT is the realtime version. High quality VST effects, VST instruments, Soundfonts, etc. Also, browse for freeware or donationware downloads.

Sounds Logical WaveWarp is a real-time, standalone audio effects processor for Win 95/98/NT, Pentium PCs. Providing over 260 modular components for creating elaborate audio effects, it also supports live audio inputs and WAV files, and it can be used in parallel with existing tools by sharing WAV files.

Virsonix An audio software company that specializes in DSP design and analog modeling - products include BBE Sonic Maximizer plugins for PC and Mac.

Wave Mechanics Award-winning DSP plug-ins.

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Other Information Resources

Black Steel Music This growing information resource for musicians is primarily focused on the ever-expanding and complex field of music hardware and related information, including effects.

BossGTCentral User forum and support for Boss GT owners - lots of info.

Digital Signal Processing FAQ Variety of technical info about digital signal processing, including programming info - sponsored by Berkeley Design Technology, Inc.

Guitar Player Online

Mark Glinsky's Manual Manor Operation manuals, service manuals, schematics, and other documentation for a large variety of musical equipment, including effects - for sale.

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