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Live Sound Information Resources Site dedicated to technicians who provide services for touring musicians.

Shock Hazards A must-read. Also, Additional Comments From A Master Electrician.

Sound Hints Practical information about live sound reinforcement for acoustic instruments, EQ, microphones, pick-ups, monitors, and how to conduct a soundcheck.

TCSound's Pro Audio Tip of the Week A plain-English series of informative tips for the live sound technician.

Tips, Information and Do It Yourself Construction Articles From Shavano Music Online, assorted how-to articles about performing outdoors, as well as making cables, equipment covers and bags, crossover networks, lighting systems, speaker cabinets, etc.

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Equipment Manufacturers

AKG Acoustics Microphones, headphones, mixers, sound processors, equalizers, and more.

Alesis Electronic drums, triggers, drum machines, effects.

Allen & Heath Mixing consoles.

Alvarez Handmade guitars.

Ampeg Guitars, basses, amps, equipment, downloadable user's manuals and specifications.

Andrews Guitar Custom guitars.

Anvil Cases Protective shipping and carrying cases.

Aria USA Electric and acoustic guitars.

ART Guitar amps, signal processors, and more.

Ashly Audio Crossovers, EQ, mixers, amps.

Audio-Technica Microphones, headphones, mixers, phono cartidges, styluses, and more

Audix Microphones, monitors.

Auerswald Instruments Basses and guitars.

Ayotte Drums Handmade drums.

Baker Guitars Custom-made guitars.

Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics (BLUE) Award-winning, premium-quality microphones.

Behringer Amps, mixers, mics, processors, crossovers.

Blues Pearl Amplifiers

Boom Theory Acoustic drums, electric drums, drums with built-in electric triggers, drum modules.

Breedlove Guitars Handmade acoustic guitars and mandolins.

BSS Audio Signal processors.

CAD Microphones Drum mics.

Carvin Guitars and equipment. Request their free catalog.

Celestion Loudspeakers.

Cerwin-Vega PA gear.

Collier Electronics Manufacturer of 2X3PM, a two-channel, three-band parametric EQ/preamp/mixer.

Crate Guitar and bass amps, PA gear, accessories.

Crown Audio Amplifiers, microphones. Lots of useful tips and tech info.


dbx Professional Products Audio processors.

DeArmond Guitars and basses.

DigiTech Signal processors, and more.

DOD Electronics Effects pedals, amps, EQs, mixers, and more.

DW (Drum Workshop) Drums, percussion, accessories.

Electro-Voice Microphones, speakers.

Eminence Speakers Speakers, crossovers.


ESP Guitars Electric guitars and basses.

Everyone's Drumming Hand drums.

Fender Guitars, amps, accessories.

Full Circle Drums Handcrafted ceramic doumbeks, djembek.

Furman Sound Audio and video signal processors, AC power conditioning.

Galaxy Audio Monitors.

Gemini Mixers, turntables, digital samplers, CD players, accessories, and more. Also, Lytequest lighting equipment.

Gibraltar Drum hardware.

Gibson Guitars, amps, etc.


Grover Pro Percussion Drums, percussion, accessories.

Guitar Effects Pedals by Roger Mayer From the inventor of effects for Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, etc.

Hafler Professional Power amps.

Hamer Guitars

Hart Dynamics Electronic drums and percussion.


JBL Professional Monitors, and more.

Kaces Instrument bags and cases.

Lace Music Products Electric guitars, bass, acoustic pickups.

Larrivee Guitars Acoustic guitars.

Latin Percussion Latin drums and percussion.

Lexicon Digital signal processors, and more.

Line 6 Amps, effects, and more.

Mackie Mixing consoles, professional audio systems.

Marshall Amplifiers.

Martin Guitar Company Acoustic guitars.

McNaught Guitars Custom-made guitars.

Modulus Guitars Electric guitars, basses, preamps, accessories.

The Music People! Inc. Mic stands, rack stands.

Nady Systems Microphones, headphones.

Oram Pro EQ, preamps, amps.


Pacific Drums Drums and percussion.

Paiste Cymbals, sounds and gongs.

Paul Reed Smith Guitars

Pearl Drums Drums and percussion gear, afro percussion.

Peavey Electronics Microphones, mixers, processors, and more.

Pignose Industries Makers of the famous Pignose guitar and bass portable amps.

Pintech Electronic drums, triggers, pads, and percussion.

Premier Percussion Drums, percussion.

QSC Audio Power amps.

Quik-Lok Mic and instrument stands, accessories.

RainSong Graphite (yes, graphite) acoustic guitars. Interesting explanation of the physics.

Raxxess Racks, stands, shelves, speaker grills.

Remo Drums Drums, world percussion.

Rhythm Tech Drums, percussion, accessories, mounts.

Rickenbacker Guitars and basses.

Rocket Shells Carbon fiber snare drums.

Rocktron Amps, preamps, effects, stomp boxes, etc.

Roland U.S. Electronic drums, drum modules, percussion, triggers, drum pads, controllers, control pedals. (For info about Boss products, see

Rolls Corporation Mixers, amps, power supplies, direct boxes.

Sabian Cymbals, gongs, and percussion.

Samson Amps, mixers, mics, equalizers.

Sennheiser and Sennheiser USA Headphones, microphones.

Seymour Duncan Pickups.

Shure Brothers Microphones.

SKB Instrument cases.

SM Pro Audio (Sound & Music International) This new Australian/German company offers a variety of recording equipment, including effects processors, EQ, mixers, amps and pre-amps.

Squier Guitars, basses.

SWR Sound Corporation Amps, and more amps. Also, download text versions of manuals for current and vintage products.

TC Electronic Effects processors.

Tacoma Guitars One of the largest US acoustic guitar companies.

Takamine Guitars

Tama Drums, hardware, parts, accessories.

Taylor Guitars Acoustic guitars.

Toca Percussion Drums, hand percussion.

Tom Anderson Guitarworks Electric guitars.

Vigier Guitars Electric guitars and basses.

Warrior Guitars and basses.

Washburn Guitars

Yamaha Drums, electronic drums, drum machines, percussion, pads, accessories, and much more. Also, Yamaha Guitars.

Zildjian Cymbals Cymbals, drumsticks.

Zoom Drum modules.

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