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Announcements! has announced the launch of their community site that hosts and supports software targeted to musicians, audio programmers and sound engineers. Visitors will find hundreds of freeware downloads for Mac and PC, forums to communicate, and a secure boutique where they will find hard-to-find, uncommon shareware.

Bobtail Software's new Sound System Modeler DirectX Plug-in is a fast and easy method for testing your mix on a wide variety of simulated sound playback systems. See our review!.

Quick Audio Preview in Windows XP How to get Windows XP to load audio files more quickly for previewing.

Avoiding Clicks with Crossfading How to splice two pieces of audio together without getting clicks.

Easier Cakewalk Editing with the Scroll Lock Key How to edit more easily in Cakewalk while listening to the music.

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MIDI/Audio Software

Ableton Makers of LIVE, an audio sequencer designed specifically for live performance - PC and Mac.

ACIDPlanet This interesting site is dedicated to users of loop-based ACID software and offers many interactive services, including free loops. Download demos of ACID software, or download the free ACID XPress, a streamlined version of ACID.

Adobe Audition After Syntrillium was bought by Adobe, Syntrillium's Cool Edit Pro - a popular digital audio recording, editing, mixing program - was re-named Adobe Audition.

AnalogX The owner of this well-known site authors some very interesting programs - many of them useful to musicians - and he gives them away for free. Visit frequently to see what's new.

Arturia Makers of Storm Music Studio music creation software, as well as software recreations of classic synthesizers, and more. Windows and Mac.

Audio Wizard Pro Ear Trainer An interactive software course designed to train musicians, producers, and engineers to hear frequencies and their effects during recording and mixing, and to make it easier to do precision cutting and boosting quickly for improved audio.

BIAS Award-winning digital audio software for Mac users.

Bobtail Software This division of Bobtail Records offers to the public professional-quality software products that were designed for use in Bobtail's own studios.

Cakewalk Music Software Mac and Windows software. Cakewalk's Tech Support page provides a wide variety of publications, FAQs, tips, updates, etc., for their products, as well as extensive MIDI and digital audio primers. Also, Cakewalk's YouTube Video Channel provides musicians with information on using Cakewalk software products for music production and creation.

Celemony Makers of Melodyne, an award-winning audio editor. Windows or Mac.

Clone Ensemble Shareware/freeware DirectX and VST plug-ins designed to be out of the ordinary, while still useful. Also, some free Gigasampler sounds, as well as a free Delphi SDK for developing DirectX plugins.

Cycling '74 Innovative software for composers, artists, and producers - MIDI, digital audio, plug-in and multimedia applications. Site includes a record label, c74, that showcases CDs made by using Cycling '74 software.

dB Audioware Freeware and shareware DirectX and VST audio effect plug-ins for use with PC and Mac music applications.

Devine Machine Two music professionals create new, unique and useful software tools. Check site for free downloads.

Digidesign Professional digital audio workstations for Mac or PC.

Digital Sound Planet SA offers software tools and internet services for musicians. Check out the full range of products and services, and then download the Quartz Audio Master Freeware for Windows. It's free music production software which offers an easy way to try out the Quartz Audio Family software concept.

Dissidents Makers of Sample Wrench, a sound sample editor for Windows and Amiga, and other software.

DSP-FX Makers of award-winning realtime effects processing software for Windows. Download a free plug-In.

EarMaster Makers of EarMaster Pro, Windows-based ear training software for musicians, and EarMaster School for music schools and teachers. Multi-featured. Exercises include intervals, chords, scales, melodies and rhythms. Trial-basis downloads available.

Emagic Legacy Support Logic, Logic Express, etc. Also, see Logic User Audio MIDI Sequencing Forum. Note: Logic Pro 7 and 8 are owned by Apple. Professional-quality audio restoration and enhancement software under the Diamond Cut name - clean and restore classic recordings for sampling purposes or CD recording. Also, an Audio Test CD Set for room acoustical response balancing and audio equipment testing and evaluation.

E-soft Producers of audio software for converting, editing, recording and playback of all types of Windows audio formats.

Finale Music notation software for Mac and Windows.

FlexiMusic Several shareware offers for download: music generator and composer, soundwave editor, virtual orchestra (for DJ or hobbyist), and more. Windows.

FMJ-Software Makers of the Awave series of audio tools - audio editing, processing, and file conversion software.

Frieve Variety of MIDI sequencer, DAW, effects software. Check site for free downloads.

FXpansion Effects processing software modules and accessories, such as the popular DR-008 Drum Machine.

GMEDIA Music Software and hardware FX and rhythm machines.

GoldWave Digital audio editor for Windows.

HammerHead Rhythm Station From Bram Bos, a popular, free software drum machine for Windows. Make your own powerful dance drum beats for your sampler/tracker. Check out the other free sound and software downloads at the site.

Howling Dog Systems Power Chords Pro - sequencer for Windows.

Hurchalla DSP Download Maple Virtual Midi Cable, a free MIDI driver for Windows (including XP) that you can use to connect together almost any MIDI applications. Very useful! Or, download Maple Midi Tools, a utility program which provides extra MIDI features and control with MIDI applications. It includes the Maple Virtual Midi Cable.

HyCD Play & Record integrated software includes CD copying, audio extraction (CD Ripping), MP3 encoding/decoding, audio resampling, audio effects, CD recording, enhanced ID3 Tagging and graphics import.

IK Multimedia Developers of music software designed to take advantage of the fast growing personal computer performance and revolutionize the way people compose and play music. Popular products include SampleTank.

Innovative Music Systems Makers of IntelliScore, a WAV to MIDI converter for live performance, making MIDI files, transcribing music, and finding chord names from polyphonic WAV and MP3 files.

Intelligent devices, Inc. PARIS Digital Audio Workstation and signal processors. Windows and Mac.

iZotope, Inc. Makers of Ozone, a complete mastering solution for DirectX audio applications (64-bit analog modeled effects), and other software. Also, check for free downloads.

KarmaFX Makers of inexpensive, easy-to-use, high quality, real-time VST plug-ins for both professionals and hobbyists. Donationware downloads.

KV331 Audio Makers of SynthMaster, a Windows-based semi-modular software synthesizer and multi-effects plug-in that combines many different synthesis methods. Also, SynthMaster FREE!

Logic Pro Logic Pro music creation and audio production tools. Mac only.

Magix An array of audio-visual software applications for the PC and the Internet - for example: Samplitude, for hard disk recording and editing, mastering and burning.

Mark of the Unicorn, Inc. Digital Performer, Unisyn, Composers Mosaic - Mac software.

Massiva A powerful and full-featured MIDI/Audio sequencer for Windows.

MHC Windows Audio Software Affordable VST plug-ins, MP3 shareware.

MIDI Editor MIDI Editor allows you to define parameters for MIDI devices - Windows.

Minnetonka Audio Software Digital audio recording, editing, mixing and mastering software for Windows PCs; plus software support for Yamaha's DSP Factory hardware.

MP3Machine Download over 400 MP3 software programs. Also, detailed descriptions and discussion forums for each program listed. Win, Mac, Linux, BeOS.

MultitrackStudio A new audio/midi recording and mixing environment for Windows targeted at home recording musicians. The Lite edition (limited to three tracks) is available as a free download.

Music Machines Miscellaneous software and info.

Musitek Midiscan, SmartScore - music reading software for Windows. Mac version of SmartScore now available.

Neuratron Makers of PhotoScore, a music scanning software which reads music (including guitar tablature and chord diagrams) through optical character recognition (OCR), and can transpose, play-back and print the output and save files for use in major music editing programs.

NTONYX Designers of a variety of innovative audio and MIDI-enhancing software, such as Stylizer and DrumWalker.

Ohm Force Designers of VST plug-ins, such as Frohmage, Ohmboyz and Predatohm - Win, Mac, BeOS.

PG Music, Inc. Band In A Box software automatically generates accompaniment - Mac and Windows.

Phonature PDA music software developers - tuner products for guitar tuning and singing improvement, plus other audio instrument software, for use on the PDA.

Propellerhead Software Makers of innovative and award-winning software, including Reason, ReCycle!, Rewire and ReBirth. Note that Rebirth is now a free download at ReBirth Museum.

Prosoniq Products Software All-in-one audio editing programs, plug-ins and more. Some freeware for Mac and PC.

PSP Professional Sound Projects Award-winning VST plug-ins for Mac and PC. Also, download a free VST game (for PC only).

Roni Music Variety of MIDI/audio software designed to be compact and powerful.

SampleTank VST software sound module for Mac and PC.

Sonic Foundry, bought by Sony, is now Sony Creative Software Many popular digital audio editing, mastering programs.

Sonic Timeworks Wide variety of popular digital audio plug-ins.

Sony Creative Software Many popular digital audio editing, mastering programs formerly sold under the Sonic Foundry name.

Sounder Software to generate perpetual-play ambient music.

Soundplant Soundplant is a self-contained digital audio performance program that turns your computer keyboard into a fully customizable sample-triggering device. Many features. Freeware at the time of this review.

Sounds Logical A provider of innovative audio tools for musicians, project studios, corporate R&D and university research laboratories, etc. Makers of WaveWarp, a real-time, standalone audio effects processor providing over 260 modular components for creating elaborate audio effects, and ReSample, a batch WAV file sample rate converter and re-quantizer. Windows-only.

SoundTrek Jammer Professional.

Steinberg International Cubase, WaveLab and the EXS24 (Emagic Xtreme Sampler 24 Bit), a professional polyphonic software sampler. Mac and Windows software.

Symbolic Composer An algorithmic music composition system offering more than 1000 music algorithms for modern, dance, classic, electronic, ambient and experimental styles.

Symbolic Sound Corp. Makers of Kyma, an award-winning sound-design workstation.

Synapse Audio Software Makers of Orion, a "virtual" music studio suite for the PC. It recreates all parts of a traditional studio, including sequencing and the emulation of a mixing desk and all wired rackmount hardware (synthesizers, samplers, drums, effects, etc.).

Syntrillium Software Corporation Syntrillium products are now owned by Adobe Systems Incorporated. Cool Edit Pro - a popular digital audio recording, editing, mixing program - has been re-named Adobe Audition.

TablEdit Tablature Editor Makers of TablEdit, a program for creating, editing, printing and listening to tablature and sheet music (standard notation) for guitar and other fretted, stringed instruments, including mandolin and bass - also supports many other kinds of instruments.

TASCAM GigaStudio Award-winning GigaStudio sampler software.

Tuareg2 From Bram Bos, a popular interactive Phrase Sampler which makes music and sound out of samples you feed it. In Freeware Mode, Tuareg2 is fully functional - it is not crippled, mutilated, time limited, etc. - but it has fewer features than the Extended Mode. (Note: if you're already a registered user of Tuareg FAT 1.x, you can use your old Serial Key to unlock the Extended Mode of Tuareg2 for FREE.)

Vamtech Enterprises Drumtrax MIDI File Drum Pattern Library.

Virsonix An audio software company that specializes in DSP design and analog modeling - products include BBE Sonic Maximizer plugins for PC and Mac.

Virtual Studio Systems, Inc. Creators of Windows-based software for amateur and professional songwriters and home recording musicians - Lyricist and TrackNotes.

Visiosonic Software and hardware for professional DJs, guitarists.

Voxengo Professional audio software and PC VST plug-ins.

Voyetra/Turtle Beach Digital Orchestrator Pro; hard disk recording.

Wave Arts Professional-quality audio plug-ins for PC and Mac.

Wave Mechanics Award-winning DSP plug-ins.

Waves Digital Audio Processing Audio signal processing software plug-ins and applications for DAWs - Mac and Windows. Noise reduction and restoration. Makers of the popular Pro FX Plus bundle.

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Software Synthesizers

Applied Acoustics Systems Makers of Tassman, an award-winning modular software which uses physical modeling to reproduce how an object creates sound, and which integrates analog and acoustic sound synthesis modules with a hardware-like interface.

Camel Audio Plugins (VST/AU) Award-winning instruments and effects, including Cameleon5000, CamelPhat and CamelSpace. Also, check for free downloads.

Clavia DMI Nord Modular, a polyphonic software synthesizer, allows you to build your own synthesizer architecture.

Cyberwave EMS Waveplant CMI, a standalone software synthesizer, runs on Creative SB live and Audigy based systems only. Download demo.

D-LUSION Interactive Media Realtime controllable multimedia software. RubberDuck, a virtual analog bassline synth, roughly based on the Roland TB-303 sequencer, and DrumStation, a software drum machine which synthesizes vintage TR-909, TR-808 and TR-606 sounds, are both free downloads.

Fat Ass Low-cost PC synth plugins for VST hosts. Check for free downloads.

Muon Software Home of Muon Atom, a basic polyphonic synth plug-in, and other software synths - for Mac and PC. Check out the periodic freeware offers.

Native Instruments Wide variety of audio processing software, including synths, samplers, DJ mixers and effects processors - Windows and Mac. Check for free software download.

Seer Systems Reality, a professional software synth; also, general MIDI software synths - PC-based.

sonorous codes Makers of atmogen, a visual additive software synthesizer. High quality VST effects, VST instruments, Soundfonts, etc. Also, browse for freeware or donationware downloads.

Spectrasonics Makers of innovative virtual instruments.

WinGroove Shareware wavetable synth for Windows. VST plug-ins, such as Wusikstation, a hybrid vector and wavesequencer sample-based synth.

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Synth Editors/Librarians

Sound Quest, Inc. MIDI Quest Universal Editor/Librarian software - for Mac, Windows, and other OS.

WindWorks Design This engineering firm, which is devoted primarily to the design and application of technology for music, offers VL1 Librarian, a free PC software librarian tool for managing patches used with Yamaha's VL1 and VL1-m synthesizers.

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Other Information Sources

AudioMelody is a database of freeware and shareware audio tools, utilities and other programs - all the software needed to create a virtual studio - reviewed and rated, with screenshots and up-to-date downloads.

Audiotoolers Info about a wide variety of tools and utilities for audio conversion, playback, DJ mixing, CD audio extraction, sound editing, etc., plus downloads and tutorials.

Cakewalk's YouTube Video Channel A video channel designed to provide musicians with information on using Cakewalk software products for music production and creation.

Digital Signal Processing FAQ Variety of technical info about digital signal processing, including programming info - sponsored by Berkeley Design Technology, Inc.

KVR Audio Plugin Resources Lots of VST info - news, ratings, FAQs, tutorials, downloads, etc.

The Sonic Spot A very large library of music software info and downloads, including news, software listings and reviews, articles and forums.

Virtual Synth Page Useful info about software synths.

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