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Editor's note: Thanks to Scott R. Garrigus at DigiFreq for giving permission to reprint the following article. Visit DigiFreq for more great music technology tips & techniques.

DFreqTIP - Easier Cakewalk Editing with the Scroll Lock Key

by Scott R. Garrigus

One of the nicest things about using a sequencer (like those available from Cakewalk - Sonar, Home Studio, etc) is how easy it is to do editing tasks on specific parts of your music while you listen to it. The best way I've found to do this is to loop a section of a song over and over while making changes. This is accomplished by doing the following:

1) Drag your mouse in the Time Ruler of one of the Views (such as the Track or Piano Roll view) to select a certain section of your song.

2) Click the Set Loop To Selection button in the Loop toolbar. This will automatically set your software to loop this section of your song.

3) Press the Spacebar on your computer keyboard to start playback.

4) Use the zoom tools to zoom in on the section of the selection you want to edit.

5) Now you can do precise note editing with the Piano Roll view or audio editing with the Track view, etc.

As you start to edit, however, you'll notice something annoying. If your selection is more than a few measures long, the Cakewalk software will scroll the screen as it plays through the loop. This makes it very difficult to do any editing.

As your Cakewalk software plays through the looped selection, press the Scroll Lock key on your computer keyboard when the section you want to edit is displayed. The Cakewalk software will continue to play, but it won't scroll the display. Now you can easily edit your data while your looped selection continues to play. This allows you to instantly here your changes. Isn't that great? To start the display scrolling again, just press the Scroll Lock key a second time. Happy real-time editing with Cakewalk!

Scott R. Garrigus is the author of Cakewalk Power!, Sound Forge Power!, Sound Forge 6 Power!, SONAR Power!, and SONAR 2 Power!, as well as the publisher of DigiFreq. Learn about more cool music technology tips and techniques and have the chance to win free music products by getting a FREE subscription to DigiFreq... go to:

Copyright © 2003
Scott R. Garrigus
Reprinted with permission.