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Product Announcement:, the Ultimate "Shortcut to News" Launched!

The ZICOS team is proud to announce that its "shortcut to news" site is now online and available to all. Zicos is a useful aggregate web news extractor. It allows visitors to quickly keep track of news published by over 90 renowned web sites over the world. Zicos news is refreshed every 15 minutes and covers the following topics: Pro Audio, Mac, Tech / PC, Downloads and more to come...

Zicos is an amazing tool that scours the web. It extracts news published by major web sites, aggregating and archiving their latest headlines. Its unique engine eliminates duplicate content; however, it lists all headlines from all sites, even if they cover the same material. This keeps the visitor aware of the different viewpoints available from multiple sources.

The engine on which Zicos is based was originally developed for the internal needs of a famous internet portal. Its developers worked for several months designing a smart and efficient engine, helping their news editors quickly see if they missed important information.

The developers as well as the owners of this great engine agreed it would be a shame not to offer such a nice tool to everyone. So they decided to create Zicos. It is now open to all offering an incredible amount of information as well as direct links to all major news sites. No need to bookmark, just hit Zicos and you got them all... All news belongs to the authors and cannot be copied as is. This service is free but must be used in a respectful way.

Zicos currently fetch news from the following sources


AudioCourses - AudioDirectory - HarmonyCentral - HomeRecordingConnection - KVR-Vst - MacDigitalAudio - MacMusic (News) - MusicalMac - MusicOnTheMac - OSXAudio - SamplePoolz - SMM (News) - SonicState - Synthtopia - TheAudioPortal


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For additional information, please visit Zicos.

Product announcement posted by Musician's Tech Central