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Product Announcement:

The Artist Series
New Book Series Helps Artists Succeed
at Business Planning and Operations

The Artist Series Books are comprehensive business opportunity and start-up publications available for potential and practicing DJs, musicians, bands and videographers. Each title addresses common business start-up and operational elements. The series, written by multimedia producer Dan Titus, is designed to address the business needs of artists who spend countless hours perfecting their craft. However, many do not understand how to start a business, nor do they understand basic financial and marketing elements needed to draft a business plan. The typical book contents include:

  • How to start a for profit company.
  • Business start-up checklists.
  • How to finance a venture. How to write off equipment.
  • Explanation of structure: Sole proprietorship, corporation, and partnership.
  • How to write a business plan. Sample plan included.
  • How to write a marketing plan. Sample plan included.
  • How to select a lawyer, agent, and accountant.
  • Explanation of insurance and government permits.
  • How to promote a company.
  • How to break into the business.
  • And more!

As a bonus, each book has a tandem Web site that includes PDF Ebooks and free software downloads. Examples include:

  • How to Get a Trademark, Quickly and Easily
  • The Government Loan Resource Guide
  • Sample Business Plans*
  • Sample Contracts*
  • Sample Financial Schedules*

* These are Microsoft Word and Excel files that readers can download and edit. Create a business plan quickly and easily.

There is also an optional CD-ROM that goes with each title!

Published by: Venture Marketing.
Distributed by: Music Sales Corporation to all major book stores.
Author: Dan Titus.
Category: Business, Self-help.
Price: $34.95
Pages: 178, each title.
Binding: Soft-cover.
Trim size: 8.5 X 11 inches.
Illustrated, appendix, index.

Three titles launch the series:

1. The DJ Cookbook: Business Start-up Guide.
2. The Garage Band Cookbook: Business Start-up Guide.
3. The Multimedia Cookbook How to Start and Run a Videographer Service for Profit.

Foreword for The DJ Cookbook is by DJ industry expert Dave Kreiner of The Source for Music, a contributor to Mobile Beat Magazine. Foreword for The Garage Band Cookbook is by director/producer Rickey Minor of Minor Productions: Super Bowl 36, Whitney Houston, Back Street Boys, Motown Live, American Bandstand 50th anniversary special, and the upcoming Stevie Wonder birthday special. Artists have the talent. Now they can get down to business with this exciting series of publications!

For more details contact:

Paul Daniels

Venture Marketing
2042 Big Oak Avenue
Chino Hills, California 91709
Voice/Fax: (909) 597-6369

Venture Marketing
The Artist Series Books

Product announcement posted by Musician's Tech Central